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Sujet : How to choose king size bed info Date : 30/10/2022, 14H39
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As we consider an big bed the first thought that comes to mind is beds that are that are made by the USA. Anyone who has enjoyed the privilege of being able to reside in America and have noticed with great pleasure how Americans love relaxation, wellness and rest and how they strive to improve and enhance your quality of sleeping.

It's no accident that the sceptre of the most spacious mattress in the world is awarded towards the United States: with its 250cm"Grand King Bed "Grand King Bed" is the biggest double bed anywhere in the world.

However, those looking to relax in Italy should "settle" to the King size in standard sizes that are consolidated at 180x200cm.

Even though it is becoming more widely used this kind of bed still has misconceptions that need to be dispelled that often deter the purchase of this model. So, let's make this clear:

As we've mentioned, the Bed Size King (bedspring) measures 180x200cm and the standard double is 160x190. In addition naturally you need to include the dimensions of the headboard as well as any tables for bedside that are integrated in the frame of your bed, like in the case of the SARDEGNA mattress which, in its extra big version has a footprint of 232x207cm.

Mattress and bedspring

The mattress that is king-sized doesn't have to be a high-priced customized piece, since today nearly all manufacturers of beds, bedsprings , and mattresses have been able to meet the demands for this kind of double bed that is extra big.

The bedroom of the king

Some bedrooms do not have enough space to accommodate the size of a king. You could achieve this however in certain situations you'd risk restricting mobility.
The law states that rooms that are double in Italy must be minimum 14 sq metres which is a space that permits the use of furniture, and permits two persons to move at the same time. A king size bed is possible, however it's prefer an incredibly compact model, like the 228x198cm version that we offer in STROMBOLI. STROMBOLI.

More space to rest and much more

If we talk about a bed that has containers, more space to sleep on also gives you more room to store blankets, blankets, clothes and duvets. Containers are available on all model..,

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