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whn 123
Anshi summer always come early, giving a winter just past the snow has just melted summer will come a sense of trance. Spring in the Ancheng people's mind is always fleeting, or can be said to be no impression. Ancheng has an throughout the city of Anjiang, whenever the snow melted, broken ice mixed with the gurgling river slowly flowing from this home to the house, like a glowing silver light ties, more like a just from Hibernation in the snake snake. Ancheng is always in this time to start school, not long short winter so that everyone slowed down the pace of life, so when the school is the bustling crowd slowly walking, there is no point of the usual fast-paced. Ancheng one, it can be said that Ancheng's representatives and pride, the annual college entrance examination will always come from all corners of the university teachers come to the admissions, but also often in order to grab students and almost hit the situation, in short, Ancheng is like a Is the heart of each city of the ivory tower, sacred and solemn. Lu Xiao is Ancheng in this session of the high freshman, accurate to say that this is one of the few foreign special enrollment. Watching the parents coming and going to carry large and small parcels and luggage, and then look at their own hanging big bag, the brain can not help but appeared before leaving the father insisted to come together to be their own righteousness The words of concern are rejected. Now think about it, the father's worry is not without reason, let anyone who wants him to drag a large bag in the slow crowd struggling to move forward will feel hard, but also a suckling child. Finally into the new newspaper full of the door, Lu Xiao stopped to put down the hands of the luggage, took out from the pocket before the train just washed the white handkerchief wiped his forehead and then folded into the pocket, and then exhale a big mouth stuffy After Lu Xiao feel the whole people are relaxed a lot. Then, Lu Xiao in accordance with the process for the reporting procedures, holding the hands of the bedroom keys to go outside the door. "Hey, classmates, etc." Lu Xiao felt a generous palm photographed his back, although the strength is not big, but some are not very polite. Lu Xiao back, slightly frowned. That the generous palm of the master a look Lu Xiao frown will be embarrassed scratching his head, blushing, said: "ah, the classmates embarrassed, I shot may not be important, students should not be surprised." Lu Xiao looked up in front of this Boy, keep a clean short hair, about one meter more than eight of the height, correct facial features give a sunny cheerful feeling. The first impression is pretty good. Looking at Lu Xiao looked at themselves, the boy blushed to continue to say: "with the students if you do not feel ... not comfortable ... can shoot me." While talking, the boy turned around His back against the land Xiao. Well, more than a trace of silly. Lu Xiao on his first impression of a more evaluation. "No, what do you have for your classmates?" Lu Xiao said with a smile. Heard Lu Xiao to answer themselves, the boy smiled and scratched his head: "There is nothing, I have just heard the instructor assigned to you to the 204 bedroom, good coincidence I was 204, would like to call you know." Listen To the boy that he is also 204 bedroom, Lu Xiao surprised to say: "so clever, that go together, hello, my name Lu Xiao, brave Xiao." Finished out of hand. The boy saw Lu Xiao toward his hand stretched out his hand quickly rushed out, holding Lu Xiao's hand quickly said: "Hello Hello, I called Qin Yong, Qin Shi Huang's Qin, brave courage." Lu Xiao listening to the boy One by one I, smiled and patted the latter's shoulder, said: "Qin Yong students, go, go to the bedroom." Qin Yong looked at Lu Xiao's big bag, did not speak readily took some back in the body, watching Lu Xiao laugh Said: "hey, my luggage in my father and mother there, they have to go to the bedroom, let's go." Then they went out quickly. Lu Xiao looked at this just know the tall, heart poured into a warm, after all, as the latter is so sincere and honest people are very few, you must cherish this friend. Lu Xiao while thinking about these side quickly stepped forward to follow the pace of Qin Yong.
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Sujet : Re : maman dun enfant cardiaque Date : 06/09/2018, 10H52
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yaoxuemei yaoxuemei

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