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Sujet : cortex_who Date : 01/03/2005, 12H37
Auteur :
Hi there!

I can't speak english very well, so excuse me, if I write some useless text clindoeil
And i can't speak francise, so excuse me, if I write this thread in a wrong topic (i'm sure you can move it into the right topic clindoeil

I love the map cortex(_who), and the music "Who are you" is really great and it makes really fun!
But i think there's a bug...

If you make a Campaign (gametype 4) with more maps (inclusive cortex_who), than it wouldn't show the loadingscreen:
the europemap is empty, the description on the right side is empty and the title of this campaign is also empty.
I don't know why, i cant figure it out, but some other people told me, that cortex_who causes this problem.
I have removed cortex_who from the mapcycle and now it works...

I hope you can figure it out and fix it, cause i really want this map in my next mapcycle!
The Players love this map too, it's really fun!

I miss something in this map, the music is only on a few locations, is it possible to make this music in everey location?
maybe you "draw" more speakers in the map clindoeil
Sujet : Re : cortex_who Date : 15/03/2005, 18H09
Auteur :
hi there...

i know what's the problem is...

in the directory "scripts" is a file called "corte_whox.arena" the filename is wrong, it should be "cortex_who.arena"

I've tested it with "cortex_who.arena" and it works now...
Sujet : Re : cortex_who Date : 16/10/2005, 13H59
Auteur :
After a while, hearing the song over and over and over again, you wish you could hit some button to stop the music.

An alternative, if possible to make, is to have another song started when a CD is put into the computer.
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20170927 junda

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